I want Philip Glenister on my cracker, John Simm on my ice cream, David Tennant on my pasta, and Dylan Moran on my cake.

I'm a Life On Mars addict and a Whovian.
Sci-fi is my religion. Douglas Adams is my savior.

"Remember always to be yourself. Unless you suck." -Joss Whedon

Other shows/series/films I love: Star Trek tos, Mad Dogs, Black Books, Avengers, Firefly & Serenity, Buffy, Spongebob, Modern Family, BBC Sherlock, Hannibal, Breaking Bad and more..

Me and my fellow LoM fans want those lost years of Sam and Gene BACK.

Now watching & loving: Person of Interest, Parks and Recreation

Cracker lives and works in Milan, Italy.
Twitter: coldsaint87


Meanwhile in 1973

The story

10 is not just a number

Hold my cereal

My crossovers (LoM/Ashes/Doctor Who/Sherlock)

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    John Simm! You seem like you’d be all fun to snuggle and then you would turn out to be a complete hobag in bed. Marry...
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    Two most gorgeously sexy men in the world….I may need to make an icon of this…
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